Home-Based Business

People are funny about money. If they have been receiving something for nothing and then they are told that they will have to be charged for it, don’t expect them to be your paying customers.

Instead of being grateful for the services or the accommodations that you had been letting them use for free, more often than not, they will be offended that you are going to charge them for the same things that you were letting them have gratis.

It’s one thing to open your home to friends and strangers and let them enjoy your hospitality, but it’s another thing to start charging them for it.

When they are your guests, they can be very complimentary about you, your home, your furnishings, your refreshments, and/or your services. And why not? They aren’t paying anything for it. But someday you might get tired of playing hostess with the mostest and you might want to get paid for something that, up until this point, you’ve been giving away for free.

This is when you discover whether what you have is worth something to the people who have been enjoying it. That’s not to say that what you have been giving away isn’t of value; it’s more to say that people don’t want to pay for something they have gotten for free.

Before the Internet came into our lives, most people bought books or borrowed them from the library. Nowadays, you don’t have to pay a penny for your books because thousands of books, on any subject and any genre, are offered for free on the Internet. Some of them may even be by your favorite authors or bestsellers that are given away as promotions or borrowed as part of a membership club. But once people get into the habit of not paying for something, it’s next to impossible to get them to start paying for it.

Small town newspapers may be the exception. They have been known to get their start by not charging anything for the first year, getting people in the habit of wanting to read their newspaper before charging them for it. And it worked for most of the newspapers.

But personal services and home entertainment are different. It’s almost like being on a celebrity’s A-list for years and then being demoted to their B-list. People take it as a personal offense and would rather go somewhere else, even if it’s less desirable, than part with a single penny to give to you.

Before you go to the expense of making home improvements in order to start your home-based business, start charging people for the things they’ve been receiving for free. Get a realistic assessment of your customer base and your future finances before you spend a lot of money on renovations.

Business Speakers – Don’t Follow Your Bliss – Follow Theirs!

As a professional telemarketing speaker, customer service speaker, and negotiation speaker, those that aspire to this profession or that just want to be paid for their platform pyrotechnics, ask me for advice.

Recently, just such a hopeful, residing in a town with a famous prison, said to me she wants to position herself to speak for money. I gave her the standard suggestion for novices.

Start “free,” and evolve into “fee.” This is to say, offer your services gratis to service clubs such as Rotary and Lions. Suggest a breakfast speech topic or two.

Join the local chamber of commerce, and do the same. And in her case, I suggested she offer speeches and training at the prison, particularly on vocational topics that have a good chance to attract funding.

She wrote back that the lockup “is not a place where any of my topics would fly.”

If there’s anything more annoying than someone that asks for free consulting it is a person that argues with it once it is politely tendered. Anyway, here was my reply to her rebuttal:

“Fit the topic to the venue. We don’t get paid to deliver what we want to say, but what audiences want to hear, and above all, what they’ll pay value for. Joseph Campbell notwithstanding, don’t follow your bliss, but theirs. Over and out.”

Public speaking seems to be a great profession for extroverted egomaniacs that want to strut their stuff. But it is a career disaster if we don’t put audience wants and needs, first.

If that speaking wannabe is genuinely interested in talking for a living, she should pitch the prison. That will help her to come face to face with the relative constraints and freedom involved in starting her own speaking enterprise.

How To Learn If Setting Up A Business On The Internet Is A Good Option For You

Setting up a business on the net is truly a great way to generate that extra money you need every month but can you handle it? One of the largest problems with running a business online is that most men and women think that it’s a cinch. The fact is that generally, it requires hard work and you will have to invest time in order to discover success online.

An internet business is not always going to be something that is perfect for everybody. Some of you may be under the false impression that when you create a web site you will start earning cash. If you assumed it was uncomplicated and you wouldn’t need to do a thing, you are wrong. There’s going to be a minimal requirement of the least 3 hours each day to be able to start building your web-based business.

If you know it is going to require hard work and effort than you may possibly have when it takes in order to realize success online. Below we are going to tackle several things you will have to get rolling.

When you first begin you are going to have to have some sort of website, or even a blog. To be truthful, you are able to earn money without a domain name or hosting or any site whatsoever, but it is obviously recommended. Should you have a web site of your own; people will start to see you as an authority in your field who knows what he/she is speaking about.

Once you get your site it will be extremely essential that you monetize it properly so you can actually earn cash from it. You can use AdSense and put the advertisements on your site to begin pulling some cash almost right away. If you genuinely desire to earn an enormous amount of money with AdSense, you’ll have to figure out how to create a huge amount of visitors to your website every single day. Affiliate marketing and advertising is one wonderful way to start making earnings from your internet site. Online marketers can genuinely create huge amounts of money. Internet marketers can make up to $200 for each and every sale they produce, and in some cases even more. Does not that sound good? One good place to get going in affiliate marketing is with a company called the Empower Network.

Now comes the most significant part about earning money on the web and that’s generating traffic to your website. If you really want to make cash, you need to have steady traffic to your website. You must comprehend that if you don’t have this traffic you are going to not have the ability of generating any sort of income. Pay per click advertising traffic, is actually a quite popular strategy of getting this traffic. The basis of this type of traffic generation is that you will pay for every visitor that comes to your website. So, each time an individual clicks on a link that takes them to your internet site, you have to pay. Remember that there’s no guarantee that you’re going to generate any sales from this kind of marketing so it can be risky if you do not know what you are doing.

You can always depend upon gratis traffic programs and systems. Additionally, there are a lot of different programs online that can help you produce this free traffic. If this is something you would like to try, you may possibly simply want to make use of one of the various search engines in order to fine these free traffic programs.

If you do not have patience and determination needed when it comes to starting an online business, you might want to think about another thing for earning extra cash.