Business Is Theater – How Entertaining Is Yours?

All business is theater. Recognize this truth and implement a way to deliver it. A very successful business man said this, adding: “To the degree you satisfy this aspect of your presentation, you will be very competitive and very profitable.”

Few small business owners think about their business in this context, and now must as the market has shrunk and the competition for the remaining discretionary spending is fierce. This requires paying close attention to successfully delivering the best presentation to the market that you can, gaining share and protecting what you have as profits are challenged by deep discounting and lower volume.

Here are a few examples of successful theater in a business scenario resulting in increased sales revenue, even in a down market:

1. A furniture store in Framingham, MA puts on a Disney World-caliber show with large props, moving lights, live theater, video, movie, music, pantomime, live presentation and interaction with the customers, creating a party atmosphere where children and families want to go. Yes, many will buy while there, more than if the entertainment was not provided. A competitor’s furniture store features a huge IMAX theater with state-of-the-art 3D movies shown on its huge screen. What’s next?

2. Many restaurants get this point and feature everything from stand-up comedy, table-side serenades, table-side cooking, live music and even, quite literally, theatrical productions. Of course, Hooters provides some of the best entertainment available–beautiful, scantily-clad women serving you beer! How can you compete with that?

3. A chocolate manufacturer with a strong brand name and distribution features Easter bunnies, Santa Claus, a Halloween haunted house, tours, tastings, and on Thursday evenings during the summer, old car rallies! Great crowd-pleasers, lots of fun and of course, sales revenues and profits greatly increase as the brand is tremendously enhanced.

4. Many manufacturers sponsor local demonstrations at stores on weekends with large circus-like events with hot dogs, etc. for children who will coerce their parents-who will shop-to bring them. Often these include radio personality appearances, athletes, celebrities, book signings, autographs, cooking lessons, lectures, trip raffles, tours… think about it. There are many forms entertainment and theater can take.

5. Office settings are rich with more subtle opportunities, such as ambiance created with comfortable furniture, rugs, fish tanks, music, art, plants, gratis refreshments, special lighting and generally treating visitors like kings or queens while visiting the place of business.

6. Many large sporting goods and outdoor gear stores, like L.L. Bean in Maine, have huge stuffed animal displays and other hunting and fishing scenes throughout their buildings, or simulated outdoor scenarios where you can test equipment. L.L. Bean even has a live trout pond in the middle of the store! It’s a great place to go just to see the stuffed animals and, of course, to buy a few things while you’re there. It works.

7. Even the Empire State Building, the tallest in Manhattan, has telescopes on the observation decks for tourists to view the city scape… pure entertainment.

The question is, how do you add theater, drama, entertainment to your business model? Anything can contribute to the theater, the entertainment value, if you understand the need and figure out how to deliver. Theater creates a competitive advantage, leading to greater revenue and higher profits, so figure out a way and deliver-it’s worth it.

Business Tips, E-commerce Strategies for Online Business

One fine e-commerce strategy for online business is to make money from stuffs that cost minimally or check out a plan to execute it gratis like advertising.

Certain advertising methods to make money for online business are:

o Advertisement for online auctions:

While promoting in an online auction, individuals can supplement a link to their online stores in the description for the stuff. A majority of online auction websites charge to list items with a final value fee, but these expenses are normally negligible.

Consumers reading auction’s description also witness the link for the store. Even if the auction fails to raise any bids, the store is likely to attain superior sales through consumers click on the store’s link.

Programs and Substitutions:

o Associate programs:

Online business entrepreneurs are bestowed with loads of online services that facilitate to have consumers sign up as sales representative for them known as associate programs.

Entrepreneurs promote their affiliate or associate programs on their respective site, and when consumers join, they obtain their own link to the website. Now, they can place the link up on their website or can confer it to people.

When their consumers use that link, entrepreneurs get to know about it from the order placing procedure and then they award them by previously consented commission of the sale that is normally 10%, but can be elevated to 15%.

One variation in this is to let people offer the link to the websites of entrepreneurs and have a question in the ordering procedure demanding about how they get to know about their website.

This is not as easy and as effective as using an affiliate program, but is free of charge and easy to execute.

o Banner substitution:

There are two sorts of banner substitution. One is where entrepreneurs possess a link steering towards their website and the banner revolving amid various websites. Entrepreneurs hosting such sort of banner or possessing their brand names on its list is undoubtedly a good notion.

This is because entrepreneurs do not possess any control over which business is revolving in the banner and it may echo defectively on their website.

The second type is where entrepreneur communicate with other online businesses or they contact asking for banner substitution. It is a good proposal, especially if entrepreneurs and other businesses are not advertising similar kind of products, since they are not commercializing from each other.


o Boast a listing on the top search engines:

It is gratis to get an online business listing on certain search engines, but some engines ask to disburse. Entrepreneurs who cannot afford to buy a business listing on top search engines may think about setting up an online business on a recognized search engine.

The expense are a bit more than the alternatives, but some of them arrive with stuffs such as credit card processing, secure server, a shopping cart, and more.

One crucial aspect besides all the other characteristics is that they list the online store in their directory, which is surely a great achievement for any online business firm or entrepreneur.

Online Business Tips: The Pros and Cons on Starting Online Business

Starting a new business is a daunting task; similarly starting of a new online business is also no different. The new entrepreneur faces enormous challenges at the initial start-up period with so many things at stake like investment, handling of capital, selection of the products and choosing a respective marketing strategy for them.

However the conventional business owner is quite different from the online business owner in the way that he could physically see his customers while the online business owner can only visualize and to him all that matters is the traffic to his site.

There are of course merits and demerits of each and every business just like the two sides of a coin. The benefit that an online business owner could derive out of his business is that he could get immediate feedbacks from his customer in the form of feedback or comments on his site.

The best way to boost your online business is to capture the visitors of your website. You can do this by adding squeeze pages to your site wherein you will ask the customers to leave their contact numbers or emails. You can use these contacts later to promote and market your products.

Reward potential customers in your site by linking their signature to your guest book with gratis drawing for one of your products like ( a unique jewelry site) or a newsletter on an interesting topic for free ( ).

The best way to retain your customer is offering something to them in return for a favor and you could use that favor as to refer some en-use customers for your products and services.

Remember retaining customers is easier than catching a new customer altogether, so it’s always in your interest to get references of prospective customers from your existing customers. This will also help you build a good relationship with the existing and new customers.

To boost confidence among the existing customers show them some realistic statistics about the happenings with your site like the number of traffic being hit by your website and the number of actual trade happening. This will solidify the image of your site and the products being offered.

Finally add a currently ongoing survey of issues of importance to your customer. Many people are curios to take a vote on an issue and see what position others are taking. Don’t forget that you have two aims in mind for this scheme.