Do All Network Marketing Opportunities Provide Network Marketing Business Education?

The short answer is N-O, no. Network marketing is merely a way for distribution of goods and services and making a success of the network marketing business is purely up to the business owner and is based on the network marketing education he or she is able to access.

Being a network marketing trainer myself I share with you here a couple of things I do for standard objections that come up. Would you like to tune in?

How many times have you come across a prospect who feels the products are too expensive? I always do! And here’s what I say…

“Expensive? Did you say the products are expensive?” On getting an irritated and slightly confused yes, I say. “Well that’s really interesting… which one did you find expensive?” Now they are usually stumped because their response was not based on personal use but heresay. If so, I give them a product gratis and ask them to use it for a month at my cost and see how much they can finish. I caution them that it lasts and lasts but not to take my word for it. This way I have a friendship and a repeat buyer.

In case they have used the product or they just feel xxx dollars was way too much, I ask. “Well firstname, what are you comparing this cost with?” They name some product. Then I say, “if you bought that product for 3 years you’d have spent xx dollars on it right? Now if you use this for 3 years according to this plan that I have promised to drive for you, you will have spent xx+yy dollars and earned zz dollars. That means the product would have actually cost you minus xz dollars. Like to check for yourself?”

Now before I close, I must mention that the price objection is rarely the real objection and you must not generally it. You’d do better to say “I see, and is there anything else that bothers you about starting up?” Repeat this question 3-4 times till you come to the real objection and then address it.